Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting us.  Every day we aim to provide you with personalized, exceptional care.  Our staff is committed to do everything we can to make your visit to the doctor as comfortable, as productive, and as professional as possible.

Everyone at our office continues to work to keep us all healthy and staying happy during these trying times.  This Coronavirus pandemic has been a remarkable and historical event.  Sadly, both worldwide and within the USA, the Coronavirus has taken so many lives.  However, it has been my personal clinical experience with this virus that, along with review of the medical data, I can say the COVID-19 illness is generally far less severe to patients than initially predicted, and that’s particularly true for the young and healthy and those who do not suffer from major chronic illnesses.  More often than not, COVID-19 is associated with just a mild upper respiratory illness and it can often be completely asymptomatic.  That’s the good news.  Unfortunately, illnesses that are mild or asymptomatic are often the most communicable.  So, washing your hands and using “universal precautions” are recommendations that are more important now than ever; even when you are at home with your family.  There is no reason to panic, however, and the media representation of this pandemic is, in my opinion, ridiculously over the top.  The “curve” has been flattened, our hospital systems never became overwhelmed, and we unfortunately await the ok to return to normal living.  Hopefully our “authorities” will do the right thing and allow our citizenry to return to normal living in geographic areas where that is appropriate – this is becoming increasingly obvious.  Prohibiting worship on Easter Sunday and beyond has been an absolute outrage and it’s a perfect example of how panic compels “authorities” (both secular and religious) to make terrible decisions.  Our politicians have been failures – particularly in Illinois and our religious leaders take their marching orders from Springfield and follow them obsequiously.  How sad.  That’s our secular world these days.

For your health, our office continues to perform “curbside” or “drive through” COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing.   At the recommendation of the CDC, our office will NOT be performing routine COVID-19 testing on all patients with upper respiratory illness symptoms.  We do testing by appointment, under a controlled setting, while you remain inside your car, at the end of our clinic hours, and after all other patients have been seen.  If you are a patient of Dr. Salvi and you develop any symptoms that might suggest you have COVID-19, stay HOME and contact our office via the portal or by phone.  You will then be asked a series of questions to determine the best course of action for you personally.  If Dr. Salvi determines that it is in your best interest to be tested, our office can schedule that “curbside” appointment with testing – and do so in most cases that same day.

We are also performing “TeleHealth” virtual visits using either FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype.  If you would prefer (for any medical reason) to have this type of visit with Dr. Salvi, our office is more than willing to do everything we can to meet your medical needs.  We can often schedule these visits “same day”.  We continue to insist on serving our patients with upper respiratory symptoms outside the office so our office environment remains safe and disease free.

If you feel VERY ill and you need immediate attention, call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately.  IF you have symptoms that need emergency room care, CALL that hospital’s emergency room BEFORE entering the hospital and explain your symptoms so they can direct you to the appropriate location on the hospital’s campus for care (or contact the Resource Center above before heading over to the ER).  This is a very important step to allow the hospital team to care for everyone in the safest manner possible during this pandemic.

I now have a simple 10 minute blood sample test to determine if you have developed antibodies to COVID-19.  This should be reserved for people who have already had an illness and they are now asymptomatic.  It determines if you’ve had the illness and whether you are protected from COVID-19.  This test can also assist me in detecting an acute illness if you’ve had a minimum of 3 days of COVID like symptoms; but if that’s the case, you have to call first and arrange a curbside testing.  This can be done with the nasal swab test as well.

Additionally, I have the standard antibody testing through HealthLab.  I have found this test, as has been reported about the Abbott Lab test, not as accurate as the 10 minute testing system I now have in my office.

In order to maintain this high level of care, as of January 1, 2020 we have instituted an annual Administration Fee of $25 dollars per patient.  This is NOT a fee that will be charged at each visit and it is NOT a “facility fee”.  It is a fee that is associated with the multiple administrative duties that Dr. Salvi and our staff are compelled to comply with in order to deliver first rate care.  The additional paperwork, computer work, work associated with public health (Coronavirus is perfect example), and general administrative work have forced medical offices to add this fee.  We are no exception.  Most patients have been most gracious in understanding and accepting this fee.  We thank you for your understanding and your support!

Our computer system has a patient portal that is easy to use and very patient friendly.  If you want to address non-emergent medical issues with Dr. Salvi, we encourage you to utilize the patient portal for direct communication.  Obviously not intended on medical emergencies or even medical urgencies, the portal is an excellent way to address concerns you have and, when Dr. Salvi has time, he will respond back to you on the portal.  This is also true for communication after normal business hours and even on weekends.  The patient portal is a HIPAA compliant, safe, secure, and a personalized way to communicate with his office or Dr. Salvi himself.  Please feel free to utilize the patient portal – though always remember, with medical emergencies, call 911.

There is a link to the portal on this website.  It is the tab on the right upper side of the home page.  Sign up if you have not already done so.  This is one of the most efficient forms of communication with the office.



The office phone number is (224) 333-0928.          Fax:  (224) 209-8685


Monday:  8am – 5pm

Tuesday: 8am – 5 pm

Wednesday:  8am – 12noon

Thursday: 8am – 5pm

Friday: 8am – 4pm

In addition, we will open the first Saturday of each month (as our staff schedule allows) – but office hours will only be in the morning.  Phones will not be on during Saturday hours.  Occasionally I will open the office on some additional Saturday in a month that is over-booked in order to care for patients when the weekly schedule is at capacity.  Please understand, however, that we are an office that sees patients by appointment only.   We cannot accept walk-in appointments, I’m sorry.  We will do our best to schedule you as soon as possible.  Do you have a special medical scheduling request?  Use the patient portal and ask the staff.

Again, thank you for your loyalty and support.  You have no idea how appreciative I am to the greatest patients a physician could ever truly have.

Thomas G. Salvi, M.D.